We also host some wonderful dog related seminars throughout the year. Please contact us if you would like to be on the email list to receive seminar updates.

2015 Seminars:

Melanie Miller - Agility - March 13-15
Dudley Fontaine - Agility - November 7-8

2016 Seminars & Events:

Melanie Miller - Agility - May 7-8 

Jennifer Howard, CCRA - Conditioning - October 15

Dudley Fontaine - Agility - October 21-23

UKI Agility Trial - November 5

Diane Lewis Photography - November 9 & 10

2017 Events: (all dates are in the planning stages)

Melanie Miller - Agility 

Dudley Fontaine - Agility 

Jennifer Howard, CCRA - Conditioning 

Diane Lewis Photography 

UKI Agility Trials

Mark Muir - Disc

The talented Mark Muir of Georgia Irish Disc Dogs   with Rocket, Gipper, Irish and Thunder, and home of 4 time World Champion Disc Dog Winners and 3 time World Champion Runners Up taught a disc (frisbee) clinic November 2011. Mark and his dogs have performed NFL halftime shows, competed at the Purina Incredible Dog Challenge and made numerous other TV and personal appearances. For more info about Mark and his dogs go to

Daisy Peel - Agility 2012

20+ Time National Finalist, four-time National Champion, three-time FCI World Team Member, and a 3-time Americas & Caribbean International Champion, Daisy Peel taught an agility clinic here February 2012. Daisy won the National Championships with Jester in 2007 (AKC) and Solar in 2009 (USDAA) and 2010 (AKC and USDAA). Daisy is well-known for her intense running style, positive attitude and focus, attention to both technical and mental aspects of the game, and exceptional running contacts. We thoroughly enjoyed her visit to MCK9s.

Canine Conditioning - March & November 2014

Dr. Sybil Davis of Aiken Pet Fitness and Rehabilitation visited in March and November of 2014 and taught a Conditioning Seminar for the Canine Athlete.  We learned an incredible amount of information to keep our canine athletes in tip top shape. Body awareness,  core stabilization and stretching exercises for increased flexibility were just some of the topics that were covered.   We also worked our dogs on the various equipment - wobble board, physiorolls, paw pods, balance discs, etc.  We hope to have her back in 2015.  Contact Windi ( ) if interested.

Daisy Peel Agility 2014

  We had a great time as always and learned so much when Daisy made her second visit October 11th & 12th, 2014. Topics included Foundation Jump Training, Blind Crosses 101 and Common Cue Combinations and Sequences. 

Melanie Miller Agility March 2015

Everyone enjoyed Melanie's visit alot!
Tricks, running contacts, focus and motivation, novice/open handling and masters handling were all topics. Melanie will return
to MCK9s in May of 2016.

Dudley Fontaine Agility - November 2015

Dudley Fontaine Agility Seminar - November 7 & 8, 2015 - contact us for more details