ADCH-Platinum PDCH-Bronze TBC Singe (Singe) - CGC, MX, MXJ, MJB, OF, XFP, NDD, LAA-P, TM-P, JCH-P, SCH-P, SACH-P, GCH-P, RCH-P, IACs 5, IWACs, OAA, CSSs, WCSSs, RATN 

Singe is our 8 year old superstar Border Collie. She lives for agility and is a very fast and consistent girl, she can turn on a dime and rarely knocks a bar. She is medium coated with alot of black and stands at 20". Singe is also a very nice herding dog and treats her sheep well. She has also done a little dock diving when we've had the opportunity. She is an honest dog, easy to live with and a joy to train and work. We would call Singe the teacher's pet!
She is Star's daughter and out of TBC Duff. Singe produced our beautiful tri color ticked girl Spider. 
Singe is our most accomplished dog with multiple titles and many wins and placements at the local, regional and national levels.
Singe passed away in September 2020 which absolutely broke our hearts.  She was our heart dog and there will never be another like her. There is not a day that goes by without tears, we miss her so much.